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Beginner (3 yrs 6 mos-7 yrs): Young children explore the joy of movement and learn to work together. The foundation for a lifelong love of dance, good fitness, grace, and poise.


Intermediate (7+ yrs): Introduction of formal barre and center training in the classical technique and introduction of variations, character and contemporary dance and pointe.


Advanced (by placement): Continuation of barre, center, pointe, variations, character and contemporary with a goal of preparing the dancer for professional performance.


Pointe work, variations, and partnering are introduced to each student when they are deemed ready.


Adult Ballet: Just the right exercise for adults who love the disciplined workout of careful stretching coupled with the elegance of classical ballet.


Private Lessons by appointment are available to assist the intermediate or advanced student to perfect techniques, learn variations, rehearse choreography and prepare for competitions.



Summer Intensive Workshop


The Summer Intensive Workshop is offered in July. This workshop give serious ballet students a superb opportunity to polish technique and acquire new skills. Information is available on the Summer Intensive Workshop in the late spring of each year.





Performance is considered a very important part of the student’s training. Two performance opportunities are offered each year for all students. Students are not obligated to participate, but those who do must participate in all rehearsals in a timely and reliable manner.





4:30-6:00                      Intermediate

4:30-7:00                      Advanced

7:00-8:30                      Intermediate Character

7:00-8:30                      Advanced Character



4:30-6:00                      Beginner

4:30-6:30                      Intermediate                              

4:30-7:00                      Advanced

6:30-8:00                      Adult               

7:00-8:30                      Advanced Contemporary



4:30-6:00                      Intermediate

4:30-7:00                      Advanced                              

6:00-7:30                      Intermediate Contemporary                              



4:30-6:00                      Beginner

4:30-7:00                      Advanced                

5:30-7:00                      Adult



4:30-6:30                      Intermediate

4:30-7:00                      Advanced                              

6:30-8:00                      Adult


Saturday morning

9:00-10:30                    Beginner

9:00-11:00                    Intermediate

11:00-1:30                    Advanced


ZBS now is accepting credit cards for tuition payments at the School's office.




Beginner    4.5 hrs per week   $255/month
Intermediate 12 hrs per week $390/month
Advanced 18 hrs per week $460/month
Adult Ballet 4.5 hrs per week $255/month
Registration and Insurance   $60/year
Any single class   $25/hour
Private ballet lessons     $100/hour
New choreography    by arrangement





  • Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may not take class, but may observe.
  • Please report absences to the school by leaving a message at the studio phone or by email.
  • Make-up classes must be taken within a month of the absence. (However, it is not always possible to do so, due to limited class sizes)
  • Consistent tardiness, discipline or behavioral problems may cause a student to be counseled and/or terminated.



  • Tuition is due the first week of each month, payable to "Zamuel Ballet School."
  • Tuition paid after the first week of the month incurs a $15 late fee.
  • Tuition not paid by the 14th day of the month will result it the student being excluded from class
  • Monthly tuition is required to hold a place in class, regardless of attendance. The term begins with the last two weeks of August through the first two weeks of June. The tuition is set at an annual rate, by that it is a blend of 10 months at full tuition, then June and August are set at half tuton
  • Returned checks incur a $25 service charge.


Dress Code

  • Girls:  Ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes, character shoes, tights, and leotard. Hair must be neatly secured. Attire must be clean and neat. Leg warmers and fitted sweaters may be worn at first barre exercises.
  • Boys:  Ballet slippers, character shoes, tights, dance belt, T-shirt. Attire must be clean and neat. Leg warmers may be worn for first barre exercises.




2021 - 2022



August 16, 2020 through June 11, 2022



ZBS observes the following holidays:

Labor Day (Sep. 6, 2021)

Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25, 2021)

Christmas Break

(Dec. 20, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022)

Spring Break (In March 2022)

Memorial Day Weekend (May 30, 2022)


ZBS reserves the right to change schedule or policies at any time.  



Zamuel Ballet School
(719) 570 1441


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